Christmas does not end if we keep in our hearts the great news that God has come to live in our world to accompany us and heal us from sin and the corruption it has caused.

This line from St. Faustina’s Diary in which Jesus says to her, “I would create the whole world again just to hear you say ‘I love you.’”, reminds me of why we are moved to care for God’s creation. 

God became incarnate not to fulfill a prophecy, but out of a personal desire to live with you and me, and also to redeem our perspective, which makes us see everything as the result of a random collision of stars and not as a plan of eternal love (which has no beginning and no end, from which nothing can separate us (Rom. 8:35). For everything–from the creation of the world, to the creation of the human being, to the incarnation of God–is a sign of His love for us.

In 2023, we do not want to impose on ourselves strange or unrealistic resolutions. Just as Jesus came to show us that even the most everyday actions that are woven into our daily lives can be consecrated to God as an offering of thanksgiving (Eucharistia), so this community of believers around the world, the Laudato Si’ Animators, show us how easy it is to care for God’s Creation, His marvelous gifts. 

2023 Resolutions:

1. Give yourself 5 minutes of contemplation each day:

“To contemplate is to look at things as they are, without wanting them to change or wishing them to be different,” explained a Catholic meditation teacher. It is not easy. This way of looking at things calmly and without fear or anxiety is a grace: to ask God to allow us to see with His eyes as Creator: how did he think of them at their beginning? How does He invite us to say as He did “And God saw that it was very good” (Genesis 1:31)?

The Laudato Si’ Movement organizes several sessions throughout the year for you to join and practice, together with experts and beginners, this way of praying to unite us more to the heart of the loving Creator. Join us! They are always open and free of charge.

2. Choose a project that you are passionate about and join in:

It isn’t easy to join a project if deep down you are not passionate about it. What moves you? What do you yearn for? Maybe it’s training or community-building, or social action, or caring for the most fragile… Research a project that you would do with enthusiasm every week and jump in!

You can find your community of Laudato Si’ Animators near you here and ask for their support or advice. 

And if you are still not a Laudato Si’ Animator, find the dates of the next 2023 Course here and register!

3. Take care of yourself: 

It is easy to forget about ourselves when we are so focused on changing our surroundings. But let us not neglect the wonderful gift of our life, our mental, physical and spiritual health by always looking outward. 

When we are good with ourselves, we can do good to what surrounds us, being life-giving cells wherever we are. 

So give yourself time to ‘recharge’: rest as needed, live in the present, share special moments with your friends and family, eat well (choose quality and nutritious food), walk in nature, make time to pray (contemplate, meditate, give thanks).