The Laudato Si’ Animators Program is open to the public during the months of March and April, via its website:

Due to growing demand, this course is available in 6 languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Italian and Polish; with Animator communities in more than 150 countries.

This global expansion of animators is cause for hope for our planet, our ‘Common Home’, which suffers the consequences of our ecological sins. We trust that we can begin to repair them through an integral training based on ecological spirituality, knowledge of climate change, and leadership skills.

This comprehensive expert training is led by Dr. Erin Lothes, Director of the Laudato Si’ Animators Program, Theologian; Climate Activist and Educator; Energy Ethics researcher; Faith-based Environmentalism scholar, and Author of “Inspired Sustainability” (2016).

Dr. Lothes gives us 10 reasons to become certified:

  1. Expert training in spirituality, ecology and community leadership.
  2. Become an official member of our global community of prayer and action 
  3. Be able to join with others who share your values and faith in ongoing collaboration and encouragement 
  4. Receive training in leadership and advocacy skills 
  5. Contribute to our bold global advocacy campaigns 
  6. Be inspired by our ecospirituality community moments
  7. Make an impact through your actions in your local community
  8. Connect with other local leaders 
  9. Grow in your eco-conversion and discernment in your vocation to care for creation 
  10. Experience the joy of Laudato Si’!

Learn more and register at:

If you have any questions, please write to us at: [email protected]