Zenna Moeti works to embody Laudato Si’ in Trinidad and Tobago.

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You could think of Zenna Moeti’s Laudato Si’ Animator training final project in Trinidad and Tobago as a one-stop shop for all things Laudato Si’.

There will be healthy food, such as carrot juice and organic tomatoes, all grown from sustainable practices.

Quiet times with creation will be plentiful, allowing visitors as much time as they would like to meditate and listen to creation.

Most importantly, at the center for ecological programming and spirituality that Zenna and a mentor have dreamed up for the Port of Spain, God’s word will be proclaimed.

“Our hope for the center is that it will be a contemplative space in nature that will enable someone to heal . . . through restoring all relationships, that is with God, oneself, and all of creation,” Zenna said.

“Prayer, meditation, healthy eating, exercise, gardening, and deep meaningful conversations . . . will help them find deeper meaning to their lives and discover their purpose.”

Thousands of people on six continents just like Zenna took action – or made plans to take action – earlier this year as they became Laudato Si’ Animators, champions for Catholic action on climate change.

During the free six-week training program, Animators connected weekly through Zoom calls that hosted experts on climate change and Laudato Si’.

Through online conversations, Animators discussed what they learned, and they shared personal stories that accelerated their spiritual growth.

For their final project, Animators took action for creation.

About 18 months ago, during a conversation with her spiritual mentor, Zenna learned that they both harbored dreams of hosting an ecological and spiritual center.

“The same calling the Lord had placed in my heart was the same that she had received as well,” Zenna said.

Zenna planned to wait until after the COVID-19 pandemic to start work on the center.

But her Laudato Si’ Animator training made her realize that she doesn’t have to wait until the pandemic ends to bring her center to life.

She can embody the center by who she is as well as create a virtual center.

“The real work is within myself, becoming a living Laudato Si’ message within my family and then expanding my scope of influence towards my community through forming groups that help me to facilitate dialogue and spirituality and bring awareness to change and care for our common home,” Zenna said.

Until she can start the physical center, she plans to launch a blog about eco-spirituality, and she’s hosting a book club with friends. (The first book they read was Laudato Si’).

She hopes those actions and the eventual physical center will help people experience an “ecological conversion” that will serve as their spiritual foundation as they work to care for creation.
“To tackle climate change and to change the world we have to transform ourselves,” Zenna said.