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By Laura and Veronica
Members of a Laudato Si’ Circle in Buenos Aires, Argentina

We set out to create a Laudato Si’ Circle after celebrating Earth Day in 2019. As Laudato Si’ Animators, we saw the need to start with something.

We spoke with our pastor, who accompanied us from the beginning, and our community was that first destination. We held workshops to spread the good news about Laudato Si’ so that we could bring it to life in each one of us.

We understood that we needed everyone for this task; we could not do it alone.

“Attempts to resolve all problems through uniform regulations or technical interventions can lead to overlooking the complexities of local problems which demand the active participation of all members of the community.” (LS 144)

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For the Season of Creation, the liturgy of each Sunday invited us to reflect and make Pope Francis’ call ours. I emphasize again the importance of also having priests motivated in this journey of ecological conversion. We celebrated the day of St. Francis of Assisi with our pets, part of God’s Creation, as well.

We believe that we all have something to give. Our Laudato Si’ Circle, made up of young people, adults and children, is committed to creation and gives us hope, knowing that it is a call from God to take care of our common home.

Creation also invites us to share with our families what we are learning, our changing of habits, and our changing of lifestyles, in order to live Laudato Si’, not just read it.

In times of pandemic and quarantine, social media helps us to continue this project, by spreading good habits, sharing the encyclical, and multiplying ideas that lead us to protect and defend our Earth, which is God’s gift.